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Our history

The Rock was inaugurated on January 14, 1972 by Mr. Jimmy Wilson.

He was a visionary of his time, he was an entrepreneur and passionate about life, art, service, good food, friends and family.

We strive to uphold that legacy. We believe that in life you need a space to create, share memories, a place that reflects a harmony between the past and the present, a time of day to be in a place that disconnects you from the world.

Our building

The original infrastructure, called Casa Margot, was built in the 1800s and functioned primarily as a guest house. The building was remodeled for La Roca restaurant and it opened in 1972.


Set on a natural cliff, the restaurant is named after the stone that frames the main dining room. It was built mainly of stone and concrete, with a rustic design, elegant, simple and full of the beauty of an old Mexican hacienda.

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La RocaDel disco “Serve It To Me Hot,” Sírvemelo Caliente by Tapas Musica.
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